Lana Del Rey on September 8, 1015 in NY, where she stopped to talk to her fans and let them take pictures with her. She kissed them on the cheek. She let them take selfies. She is just so lovely. I like this look a lot; it’s so simple & she just looks refreshingly normal. Not like the magazines and many photoshoots, events and parties. She keeps it pretty casual and classy wherever she goes and the cameras always find her. She should be fed up by now but she embraces it as she is a role model for all her fans, takes time with them and doesn’t mind most of the time.

Unfortunately I can only tell you where she got the clothes or the designer.. I cannot find the exact  jewelry or sunglasses.  Later, I will try to figure out those sunglasses, been searching for hours. The bracelet is a simple bangle with diamonds around the middle. The earrings and necklace shouldn’t be hard to find. The others weren’t so simple.

White V-Neck Tee from TopShop ($20) I found it for 18

‘The Fling’ Jeans by Current/Elliot ($230) I found the same pair for $228 with free shipping here

Shoes- American Apparel Flat Lattice Jelly Sandal ($24)

If I have no luck with necklace, shades, bracelet. I’m sure the hoop earrings don’t need a link or picture. I want it all. If you’d like to buy them as well go to Cato, Burke’s, Rue 21, Forever 21 etc. Anywhere that has jewelry+sunglasses like these stores are bound to have cheaper duplicates not only for accessories but the outfit itself. It’s really casual and if you are a fan like I am you can appreciate how she dresses so casual while she’s out and about. For me it’s like her way of showing her fans that just because she is famous doesn’t mean she has to try to take chances like this to show off how fabulous and glamourous she can be. She is so humble and caring, but her style is unlike any other just as her music. She’s so Art Deco, Glamorous, just such a Classic Beauty. Xx


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