For my very first post I wanna give you an idea (or whole story) of what my posts are gonna be like and I will give you a little bit(or too much) of who I am and why I care so much about fashion in general, not just the Celebrities that I like, in fact I will only keep my mouth shut about an outfit/costume if it’s Nicki Minaj. She has some good tracks, but she has no talent when it comes to singing. And her outfits and colored hair have been so painful I just can’t. Anyways like I thought I was saying, I am a bit insane at times and completely neurotic, OCD & ADD. You know the kid who went through her mom or in my case my grandmothers closet and all her jewelry and makeup. I was that annoying ‘look at me I look fabulous mommy are these real pearls?’ kind of kid. I was born this way, I am not ashamed. I’m a trend setter, I am cheap and often go to thrift stores. I’m going out tonight with jeans, a purple top, hair up and braided to the side, vintage shades blue nails and purple/black eyes. & a tie-dye headwrap and a black scarf with sequins as a belt. I don’t know where my favorite heels are so I’m going with flats tonight.

If I start something that I really have a passion for (this blog is a start) then I won’t stop until I can’t open my eyes anymore. I am editing this now, my first post took 8 fucking hours. I didn’t stop to smoke for 4 of those hours. I was determined to find those sunglasses, and I will. But I have other things I need to do and a wedding to plan and a lot of weight to shed so I am being more active. I am not good at socializing, I have social anxiety and sometimes it gets awkward, but at the end of the day why the hell do we need to talk to strangers in line waiting to buy Vanity Fair or Marie Claire? But one thing I cannot stop myself from is when I see someone with nice beautiful hair, makeup, shoes, tops, headwear, glasses. You name it and I like it, I am going to immediately say “Girl, you look amazing I love those shoes! Your pants have emojis….that’s cool. LOVE the shoes.” or “I just have to tell you I fucking love your hair, can I touch it?”. So that goes really well or it’s a fucking nightmare. When I get compliments I am schocked and thank them sincerely. Back to celebs and designer shit… I freak out when Mindy Kaling posts new pictures on twitter as well as Gaga, Lana, Demi, Khloe Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and any celeb I see on the red carpet that isn’t a disaster. I have so many style/fashion icons it’s crazy. I don’t think I am the only one who can admire and appreciate nice  and I grew up admiring all the fashion, makeup, hair, accessories.. SHOES. I have more pairs of sunglasses than I can count as well as shoes. My style is never basic. Example. I have no green shirts (that fit me) so on St Patricks Day but I had a mardi gras kind of necklace with a big shamrock on it. So I was gonna put it on a chain, glad I didn’t. I wore jeans, a black almost see through top with white and dark blue floral kind of print, my trademark sunglasses & wrap around bracelet that goes with everything and is about 3 inches up my wrist, but my hair would not act right. I knew it was storming so I used a few products to at least have beach like waves (wasn’t enough) so I braided a small section of hair towards the front of my head, then did the same on the opposite side.  In panic mode I took anxiety medicine and was freaking out. I’m half Irish FFs, and I had no green hat or cliche BS, so I tried to tie this plastic green shamrock to my tiara and finally gave up, wrapped my left braid around the right one and used a small elastic  so it would stay. I don’t know how but I got the shamrock wrapped in the same braid but at the top. I knew I still had to find a way to make this shamrock in my hair without it being visible, looked like it just stood on my head and I don’t know what happened but I am glad it stayed.And of course wore lashes and my black suede booties with a platform heel;I shop cheap and my fiance loved them too so he got them for me.  I haven’t used my laptop for anything but music until about a week ago and I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while. Because fashion is my passion and I hope to get good feedback here.

I had a Tumblr many years ago. I became obsessed. So I started posting pics I would edit of Lady Gaga but after a while I got out of that depression mode that was my escape. Dark times, I learned who One Direction was, although I live in America. So that was not in my plans, but I saw them 5/5 live in ATLANTA with 5SOS & the boys were late so 5SOS did more songs for us. Best day of my life, well, it will be up until I get married. But this isn’t Tumblr and no you won’t see anyone from a boy band because I don’t think anyone cares about what Niall wore last week, or Louis. Harry… well, I do love his style it’s just….nah.

But no worries. This blog is about FASHION. When I can figure out how to use all this I will update with pictures of celebrities and what they are wearing:Jewelry, eyewear, where to buy it and even who did their hair & makeup. If I can find all of those out. If not then I might have to keep it as simple as Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs. I am nervous & about to make my first post. I do hope you all enjoy. I won’t ramble on anymore if I can help it. I love you all. Also, RIP DAVID BOWIE. I’m still devastated we lost him. But I have his eyes and his music. I’m learning to just live life and be happy without all those feels but they happen sometimes. Love you guys! Peace! Xx


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